Publishing to the CastHub Store is a very short and easy process. Through the in-app Developers section, you'll have access to all owned/managed Modules and Automation Cards. You can find the Developers section by clicking your avatar in the titlebar of the App.

Clicking in to one of these, you will be presented with a short check-list of requirements you'll need to meet before publishing your content. Currently, it's a very short list - though moving forward, is subject to change and further introductions of requirements.

Initial Version

From the get-go, your content will have a required v1.0.0 Version, and you'll be required to publish this before being able to create new Versions.

Once this Version is published, your content will also be published and listed on the Store.


Updates to your content can be published just as easily via the in-App Interface. Click below to read the documentation for updating your content.