Module Metadata is defined in the package.json of your Module. Generally it follows the standard definition for a package.json, as shown below. However there are some CastHub-specific metadata options, defined in a casthub object within the JSON.

  • name - This should be the same as your Module Key
  • version - This should match a version you have created for the Module in the Management Interface
  • main - Must point to your Module Web Component export
  • casthub - An object containing CastHub-specific metadata
    • width - The initial width for your Module
    • height - The initial height for your Module
    • min_width - [Optional] The minimum width for your Module
    • min_height - [Optional] The minimum height for your Module
    • max_width - [Optional] The maximum width for your Module
    • max_height - [Optional] The maximum height for your Module
    • files - [Optional]
      • template - The relative path to the Template HTML file

Any fields not specified above are not required and will be ignored.