CastHub CLI will bundle your files in a manner similar to an NPM module (In fact, most of the core libraries used are the same as NPM). However, the CLI will ignore .npmignore and .gitignore definitions, and only bundle the files needed by the specification defined in your package.json.

This is because CastHub is very strict on file formats and inclusion - for the most part, this is limited to bundling your package.json main, as well as any template definitions. You can view the documentation for these to learn more about their purpose:

CastHub does not support binary imports, such as images or audio, as of right now.


Since CastHub CLI will only bundle files required by the metadata specification, it is very easy to produce content that is closed-source.

An example of this is our advanced Module Boilerplate, which uses compilation to generate a library file for upload. Since none of the source material is needed by CastHub, none of it will be bundled by the CLI.