Creating a Module

Modules are created and managed within the CastHub App itself, so if you haven't already, download the app.

Once downloaded, installed and signed-in, you're ready to create your Module. Go to "Account Settings" via the icon and enable Developer Tools. You'll now have access to the Developer section of the App via the icon!

Filling out the Form

No-one likes forms, we know. We've tried to keep it as short and to-the-point as possible. This is just a quick run-down on some potentially confusing parts of the form for a new Module Developer:

  • Module Key - Think of this like your Element Tag. For example, hello-world. This is unique for all Modules and cannot be changed after creation.
  • Requires Identity - If true, when a User installs your Module, they must pick an Identity to give your Module access to. If left unchecked, they won't be prompted and you won't be given access to any of their Identities.
  • Supported Integrations - This is just the third-party Integrations your Module plans to use. If you chose to require an identity (as read above), the third-party Accounts the User can choose from will be limited to what you check here.

Once you're done defining your Module, continue to create it. Don't worry - only the Module Key is permanent - everything else can be changed in the future.

Your First Module

Congratulations! If all went to plan, you now have an unpublished CastHub Module. This, however, is only the beginning - there is much more fun to be had!

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