CastHub has various systems, such as Modules and Automation Cards, that are built to allow and encourage third-party involvement and development, providing a feature-rich ecosystem for Developers to build upon.

Here are some of the things you can expect CastHub to offer you as a Developer:

  • Automated and seamless Access Token refreshing
  • Simple, unified interfaces to all supported third-party Service APIs
  • Versioning and automatic updates for end-users
  • A bunch of pre-made Web Components and Stock Elements for Modules
  • Discovery & ease-of-installation via the in-app Store
  • A secure environment with little-to-no maintenance required from Developers


The basis of the App, Dashboards, gives Users an open space to add, customize, and organize various Modules to aid them in managing their streams. As a Developer, you can take advantage of this open-platform to provide an interface within CastHub.

Getting Started

Automation Cards

Using the vast array of 3rd party integrations CastHub provides, Users can chain Triggers, Conditions and Actions to automate most of their streaming lifecycle. As a Developer, you can hook in to this system directly, creating individual "Cards" that become part of a greater, customizeable tree.

Getting Started