Flow and Debugging

Modules are actually individual processes, allowing among other things for them to have their own individual Devtools.

If you have Developer Tools enabled, each Module will have an Inspect option when you click the icon on the Module.

Refreshing Modules

Since a Module is loaded in to memory when the App boots, it's somewhat tricky to develop without refreshing the entire App every time you want to see your changes.

To combat this, we hook in to refreshes for your Module - so when you refresh the Module, we load it from the filesystem again and re-inject it in to the Module process.

This can be achieved by refreshing the Devtools window for your Module (F5 or [CMD/CTRL] + R)

Next steps

That's about it for the introduction to Module Development. There is a lot more to learn and fun things to do, so feel free to read more docs and play around with the Module System.

We also offer a more advanced Boilerplate that has many added benefits over the traditional, simpler one - check that out here.

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions, feel free to join us in Discord!