Versioning & Channels #

CastHub Users can choose whether they want to remain on the stable latest update channel of the App, or switching to the beta and alpha update channels to help test new features.

This is beneficial to Module Developers, as we allow hooking in to this system for Module Versions as both a way to test Modules in newer versions of CastHub and allowing Users to test beta or alpha versions of Modules.

Creating new Versions #

You can create a new Module Version via the in-app My Modules Manager. Through this, you can also target a specific version of the CastHub App, such as a future release which has a breaking Module API change that you're targeting.

Drafting new Module Versions is only available after your initial v1.0.0 Version release.

Choosing an Update Channel #

As a Module Developer, you can very easily choose which update channel to publish a new version on. Simply add beta or alpha builds to the semantic version for the Module. Some examples:

  • v1.1.0-alpha.1
  • v2.0.1-beta.3
  • v1.5.2-alpha

The build in the version will only be available to Users on the same update channel.

Please note: If there is latest version that is higher than a beta or alpha version, it will be prioritised regardless of the Users' update channel, as per semantic versioning. For example:

  • v1.1.1 will be prioritised over v1.1.0-alpha