OBS Studio


CastHub offers an managed communication method between the Users' computer and OBS Studio. For example:

async mounted() {
    await super.mounted();

    const { id } = this.identity;

    // Connect to the external WebSocket.
    const ws = await window.casthub.ws(id);

    // Listen to stock events.
    ws.on('ScenesChanged', async () => {
        console.log('Scenes have changed');

    // We can also emit events to change OBS.
    ws.send('SetCurrentScene', {
        'scene-name': 'test-1',

If a connection to that specific Identity is already open (For example, when another Module has already opened it), you will be subscribed to events from that instance straight away and won't need to wait for a new connection to open.

You can find the reference material for supported Events and Commands here.