Registering a Module #

Modules are created and managed within the CastHub App itself, so if you haven't already, download the app.

Once downloaded, installed and signed-in, you're ready to create your Module. Go to "Account Settings" via the icon (Or clicking your Avatar) and click "My Modules".

Filling out the Form #

No-one likes forms, we know. We've tried to keep it as short and to-the-point as possible. This is just a quick run-down on some potentially confusing parts of the form for a new Module Developer:

  • Module Key - Think of this like your Element Tag. For example, hello-world. This is unique for all Modules and cannot be changed after creation.
  • Requires Identity - If true, when a User installs your Module, they must pick a predefined amount of their Identities to give your Module access to. If left unchecked, they won't be prompted and you won't be given access to any of their Identities.
  • Identity Count - If you enable Requires Identity, this dictates how many Identities can be linked to your Module. For example:
    • 1 - User can only choose one Identity to associate with the Module.
    • 4 - User can choose 1-4 Identities to associate with the Module.
    • 0 - Unlimited.
  • Supported Integrations - This is just the third-party Integrations your Module plans to use. If you chose to require an identity (as read above), the third-party Accounts the User can choose from will be limited to what you check here.

Once you're done defining your Module, continue to create it. Don't worry - only the Module Key is permanent - everything else can be changed in the future.

Your First Module #

Congratulations! If all went to plan, you now have an unpublished CastHub Module. This, however, is only the beginning - there is much more fun to be had!