Template Scaffolding

Once you successfully create a Card, you'll find a new folder in your local App Data that is scaffolded and ready-to-go for your new Card based on the Type you chose. You can find the location of this folder based on your Operating System:

  • Windows - C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\CastHub\automation_cards
  • Linux - ~/.config/CastHub/automation_cards

Or by clicking the Button when viewing the Card page.

The folder generated for your Card will be the same as your key.


All Cards have a single export point, and in this scaffold it is index.js. The name of the file isn't important, as long as the main in your package.json points to it.

How do I see it?

By now, you have a registered Card with a scaffold set-up for the Card Element itself. Now you'll need to add it to one of your Automations to see it in-action.

Using Unpublished Cards