Stock Elements #

Modules have access to some pre-made Stock Elements maintained by CastHub. This helps to keep the general theme of CastHub aligned as well as help speed-up prototyping.

All Stock Elements are instances of window.casthub.module and as such can be extended as the main export of a Module. They all live within the window.casthub.elements namespace, for example, window.casthub.elements.user.

counter #

Renders a counter with a background chart and optional label.

list #

Shows a customiseable, reactive Items List with Avatar support.

player #

Shows a Media Player with Album cover, useful for playing remote Media. An example of this is the Spotify Player Module.

stream_status #

A simple OFFLINE/LIVE indicator with some customisability for showing the status of a Livestream.

user #

Shows an Avatar with various Labels/Counts, useful for things like showing Followers/Subscribers/Views. Examples of this include the Twitch, Mixer and YouTube User Modules.