Publishing a Module #

Publishing to the CastHub Module Store is a very short and easy process. Currently, there are few requirements to doing this - your Module must have:

  • An Avatar Image
  • A Git Origin
    • Make sure the remote repo is public and has a v1.0.0 tag!

...And that's it! At least, for now. We may change these requirements in the future. If we do, we'll announce it via our Discord with plenty of notice.

Initial Version #

From the get-go, your Module will have a required v1.0.0 Version, and you'll be required to publish this before being able to create new Versions.

Once this Version is published, your Module will also be published and listed on the Module Store.

Updates #

Updates to your Module can be published just as easily via the in-App Interface. Click below to read the documentation for updating your Module.